Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wicked Paradise by Erin Richards

Ms. Richards has woven a lush tale of desire, betrayal, and mystery in "Wicked Paradise." The story is a novel mix of fantasy and dystopian, with enough to satisfy readers who love either genre.

Thrown together on a deserted island paradise, Morgan (heroine) and Ryan (hero) come from two different places in time. They must overcome their distrust of each other to destroy the evil WindWraith on the island. But as their bond grows, so does WindWraith. When their choices threaten not only the safety of their worlds but also their chance to be together, will love be able to conquer all?

Morgan and Ryan are bursting with chemistry from the moment they first meet and the sexual tension rises with every page. The characters are both vulnerable, lovable, brave, and noble.

The description of scenery was vivid and detailed, immersing the reader as though s/he were on the island. The island is a character of its own and added a new layer of richness to the story. Ms. Richards has true talent and a gift for weaving words together.

"Wicked Paradise" was a wonderful story and I'm looking forward to reading more from Ms. Richards in the future.

*5 stars*

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