Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Operation Agent Ink - Nov. 7

Operation Agent Ink has kindly extended the deadline for sign-ups!

Workshop 5: Characters
Ah, those lovely little people who just don't seem to do what we want!  There are some great checklists out there for writers to fill-out on their MC.

I like to have a physical description of the h/h if not in the first introduction, then by the second.  It's important to make these natural.  Looking into the mirror is cliche unless you can do it well or make it intrinsic to the scene.

You, as the writer, need to know the characters' backstory really well...but the reader doesn't necessarily - at least off the bat.

For SK, as I mentioned in previous posts my hero is much clearer in my mind than my heroine.

Workshop 6, 7, 8: Turning Points, Scenes and Backstory
For those who write romances, you may have heard of the W chart, which is a nifty little tool to track character and story arcs.  (I couldn't seem to find a readily available link to this online, so I'll try to post a separate entry on this later this week.)

Scene cards...I've actually never done them, though every time I begin a new story I say I will.  Again, beginning writers tend to do information dumps and it's important to weave things in naturally.  Operation Agent Ink has provided some examples.

Monday, November 5, 2012

On Writing...

I spent this weekend finishing the final edits on MM, a story I pitched at the conference above and I'm making progress of ~1,200 words/day on SK.  No, I'm not doing NaNoWriMo, but for everyone who is, GOOD LUCK!!!  I am with all of you in spirit and working on my story also.

Operation Agent Ink - Nov. 5

Workshop Day 3: Plotting Basics - Conceptualize, Polish, Revise
A fabulous reminder to ask questions about your characters and not to ask yes/no questions.  Our characters are multi-layered and complex.

(I still remember attending a workshop at RWA National 2012 where a famous author confessed her characters start off as one-dimensional in her first draft.  It was through every iteration of revision that she peeled back the onion.)

For SK, I need to work on the complexities of my heroine.  Why is she seeking adventure?  Why does she embrace the fantastical the hero offers?

Workshop Day 4: Scenes
Hm...this is more to provide conflict with each scene.  I confess that sometimes I use scenes as a way to set-up.  I don't have conflict in every scene.


Mondays are check-in days and Thursdays are class days.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Operation Agent Ink - Intro

I am taking a short detour to participate in Operation Agent Ink, an exciting opportunity filled with workshops and the chance to pitch to agents based on their wish lists come February 2013.

BIG THANK YOU to Operation Agent Ink for providing this fabulous, free opportunity for writers!!!

Throughout the next few months, I will add posts regarding the progress of my writing and the workshops.

My project: Soul Keeper (heretoafter known as SK)
An urban fantasy with romantic elements blending Chinese mythology and Buddhist theology, Soul Keeper explores the quest of two gods who left heaven to end the suffering of souls.

Workshop 1: Word Count
I've targeted 80k-100k for my stories recently.  Most days, my stories balloon to 100k easily.  These days I try to keep to the minimum.

Inspiration and Edits Day 1: Conflict
This reminds me of the GMC from Debra Dixon.  (Note: if you haven't read the book, it may be worth a look.)  This is a constant work in progress in my writing and I will continue to look for it SK.

Revisions Day 1: Character Revamps
We are reminded that all characters must go through a change.

My hero is driven by his guilt for his complicity in losing her heroine's soul.  My heroine is driven to accept her divinity as a way to escape her mundane life.  Thus begins the book.

Workshop 2: Rough Outline
I vacillate on this one.  I write and write and as the story runs away from me, I outline.  I have begun to outline more over the years and it is very helpful to structure.  But it isn't for everyone.  I will be exploring this more for SK.